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Web design has changed drastically in the past couple of years. From the way we look at and view web sites, the devices we use them on, the colors they should and shouldn’t be, to how they’re developed. The designers and developers at Web Design Lancaster know ALL of this. They are constantly looking for new design styles, design and dev. tools, applications, and more, all to make sure you, the client, receive the best work possible.

Not only are all of our sites custom design, and responsive, they’re all usable and accessible as well. Think of the usability of your new website like a joke! If you have to explain the joke it isn’t that good. Your customers, employees and especially you should get flustered or angry when trying to navigate your website or even check out buying one of your products. Accessibility is another huge feature offered by Web Design Lancaster. Web accessibility means people with disabilities can use your website. We believe 100% of people should be able to use and navigate through your website, it’s that simple.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has exploded in the last couple of years. It has been reported that 60% of all web traffic last year was accessed via a mobile device. What happens when your website isn’t responsive? If a user accesses your website on their iPhone and it’s not responsive, the user is required to pinch and zoom in and out to view the very details of your site. By doing so they are likely to miss 50% of the content or products you have to offer. Not sure if your website is responsive or not? Check out this tool, plug in your URL and see how it looks on the most popular products on today’s market.

The Latest in Design & Development

Ever visit two completely different sites, and they look exactly the same? This is what we call “cookie-cutter web design”. These other web design companies will push out an entire website within two weeks. At Lancaster Web Design we spend more than 2 weeks researching and designing your one of a kind custom site. Using the latest design techniques such as, flat design, SVG icons, solid colors and subtle patterns, we promise to deliver a one of a kind website for you and your business.

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